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I really shouldn’t have called my application more or less done until I sent it out for some feedback from always demanding non-developers. I got the always dreaded ‘It’s really exciting, but…’ from my wife. It was really useful feedback because it focused on what she expected my site to do in…

6. Short weekend trip-document in some form

Last Sunday was Alex’s birthday, and I made this S’mores Pie, took it onto the plane wrapped in foil and trash bags as a carry-on and we ate it in our hotel room with plastic spoons while smiling like fiends. He now snacks off it from the fridge at App Academy while job hunting.

conspiracy & truth's post on Vine

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oh my word i am so sad

Golden Gate happy
Photo by Middle Part
IMG_0197 by Middle Part on Flickr.g’night

IMG_0197 by Middle Part on Flickr.


poem typist on Flickr.we must go to sleep now so that we can wake up and write.

poem typist on Flickr.

we must go to sleep now so that we can wake up and write.

alex on ‘til friday

alex on Flickr.

blue ‘til friday